Tuesday, October 6, 2009


More rain today....Dying to get outside and do some real shooting! Got a picture of one of our puppies today...shot her on the black leather sofa since she is solid white! I also shot 2 pics of my hubby (he better get used to it, huh?!). I am not gonna post those today though since I have two of the puppy, Lacy. We bred our American Eskimos and have 8 4-week old puppies now! We are keeping this little darling, Lacy. Promise tomorrow to get out and shoot something cool...but my goal is to shoot something every single day so I did! LOL Have an awesome week!
Terri Roy

Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 1/ 365

Hi! I am starting this blog to challenge myself to take AT LEAST one good photo every single day to grow as a photographer and make myself get out and shoot! Today was day one, and it has been rainy all day. I did get out and take a couple of pictures, but not like I wanted to. Part of the challenge will be to take pictures of every day things and people and places in new ways! I welcome your comments and critiques! So...don't be shy, tell me what you think. I will be studying photography daily through Kelby Training, so hopefully by the time I get to day 365 there will be a vast difference in my photos! Our plan is to start our own photography business in the next two years. We want to specialize in individual, family and senior portraits. As we build up our studio, we'll showcase more of that type of work featuring friends and family. Check back regularly as I will try to post pictures daily. Don't forget to comment if you feel lead to!

Today: Took picture of my cat, Aspen sitting on the porch rail. Had to be quick and take several to catch him when he wasn't looking away!

Took picture of a rusty paint can on my porch. Just liked the simplicity of it with the wood on the porch and the rail.

Lastly, took a picture of my coffee cup on my end table using no flash but light from lamp- frosted halogen- to bring out the color of the wood. Liked the angle of the photo but clarity isn't good. More to come tomorrow!
If you are a photographer, feel free to post a link to your photos. I love to see other photographer's work! Thanks and enjoy! Terri Roy